Department of DGKMC

|| Anesthesia

Anesthesia department was established in 1985, after the arrival of Dr.Babar Ehsan  Consultant Anesthetist.  After his transfer, Dr. Aqeel Ahmed Afghan worked on O.P.S.  Dr. Haq Dad Durrani worked   as Consultant Anesthetist and Head of Department from November 1997 to jan 2009.. In NOV 2003, Dr . Abdul Rasheed Gurchani Joined As Consultant Anesthetist.   He  worked  as head of department from jan 2009 to  jan 2014.. His continuous struggle, hard work and dedication to the department and institution improved the standard and skill of anesthesia. Dr. Naila Asad worked as associate prof. & head of  anesthesia department  from jan 2014 to dec 2014. Dr.abrar hussain khosa joned as assistant prof in august 2014 and worked as head of department from dec 2014 to22 jan 2015.  Inauguration and maintenance of intensive care unit and liquid oxygen are valuable contribution made by him. Dr. Haq Dad Durrani joined as  head of department  and associate professor anesthesia and intensive care unit on 22nd jan 2015.

Prof. shamim Hassan principal ghazi Medical College took keen interest for establishment of  Intensive care unit. Dr. abrar hussain  took the responsibility of this difficult task. He devoted himself for this institution. Dr. Abdul Rasheed ensured  provision of anesthesia care to all the surgical specialties with very limited resources while dr. abrar hussain khosa ensured  functional I.C.U.

Head Of The Department:

Dr. Haq Dad Durrani joined as Associate Professor of Anesthesia and head of department Department on  22-01-2015. He already worked as consultant anesthetist at D.H.Q. HOSPITAL D.G.KHAN FROM NOV 1997 to JAN 2009. He has been administering spinal anesthesia in children ( at D.H.Q. Hospital D.G.Khan ) since March 2000. He introduced modified supraclvicular block first time in Pakistan. Thanks to Almighty Allah, Pediatric Spinal and regional anesthesia has been administered at D.H.Q,./ Teaching Hospital as well as in private set ups for more than 15 years. During his  stay as assistant professor & HOD anesthesia and intensive care unit Sheikh Zayed Hospital, Rahim Yar Khan, he succeeded to get accreditation of his department for FCPS & MCPS.  Earlier, post graduate students of anesthesia had to go to Karachi, Lahore And Multan. They settled there and never came back. The people of Rahim Yar Khan and adjoining area remained deprived of knowledge and skill of  anesthesiologists. His resident passed FCPS became assistant professor as well as supervisor for FCPS and MCPS. System of post graduation is established, during his tenure of 6 years under the guidance of Prof. Khalid Javed But, one resident passed FCPS, 5 passed IMM and 5 passed MCPS.(most recent is Dr. Alina Umar). He was also supervisor  and examiner of B.Sc. honours operation theater technology. He developed research culture.

Dr Haq Dad Durani

Professor & HOD Anesthesia

Facilities & Achievements:

Academic activities started initially as an interactive session in every Tuesday. Team Of College Of Physicians And Surgeons Of Pakistan is expected to visit Ghazi Khan Medical College in Oct 2015, for accreditation of 6 more departments including anesthesia. 
At present 12 operation tables are functioning for elective operations and 5 operation tables are functioning round the clock, round the year for emergency services. Vital sign monitor is available in every operation theater.
7 bedded I.C.U is functioning with availability of ventilators, vital sign monitors and Arterial Blood Gas Analyzer under supervision of Dr. Abrar Hussain Khosa. 
Workshops of basic life supports and advanced cardiac life support were organized  by anesthesia department  by team of Shifa international hospital, islam abad in  2013 and 2015.


Future Plans :.1. Accreditation of CPSP for FCPS&MCPS Anesthesiology.
2. Shifting of intensive care unit to purpose built building adjacent to main operation theater complex and located almost in the center of hospital.
3. Establishment of pain management unit with indoor facilities for diagnosis and management of chronic pain.
4. Provision of substitute, Dr. Aushtar Abass Naqvi has attended 2 out of 4 mandatory supervisory workshops.
5. Development of research culture in department.
6. Availability of human resource and training of medical officers and nurses in intensive care units.